Sorting table

Sorting table

This sorting table can be placed in front of or after the peeling and/or cutting machines.

It is possible to monitor visually the quality of the raw or processed product, thus sorting out bad products.

  • Total length - 2180 mm
  • Width - 880 mm (between the lateral product guides)
  • Table material - completely made of stainless steel AISI 304
  • Belt material - PU, smooth surface, blue, FDA approved
  • Belt speed - 0,2 m/s
  • Total power - 0,55 kW/380 V
  • 2 waste chutes, laterally mounted
A great variety of wide diversity of designs and versions can be supplied.


  • Food safe components
    Food safe components
    All components that are in contact with food are made of stainless steel or FDA-compliant plastics.