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05.07.2022 - News article

Determining the degree of ripeness of fruit

The VitERz.fruit research project at the BMKW Innovation Day for SMEs:

Since May 2020, KRONEN’s development team and the German Institute of Food Technology (DIL e.V.) have been working on the development of a prototype line that can guide fruits onto a measuring flume separately with perfect orientation so that they can then be classified.

Presentation of the research project VitERz.fruit

The vibration of the fruit on the flume is measured and evaluated using a self-learning system. The fruit can then be classified according to its degree of ripeness. This innovative process aims to detect the degree of ripeness of fruit without damaging it in order to determine the perfect time to process the fruit and avoid spoiling due to prolonged storage.

On June 23, the Innovation Day for SMEs organized by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) took place in Berlin. The event provides a platform for the presentation of innovations and an exchange of ideas and experiences. At this year’s Innovation Day, the research project, which has been given the name VitERz.fruit, was presented for the first time. The project uses an analysis of vibration behavior and mechanical learning mechanisms to facilitate the non-invasive determination of the degree of ripeness of fruit, which in turn enables sensitive fruits such as kiwis, avocados, and mangos to be sorted gently yet effectively.