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01.12.2022 - News article

Freshly prepared, healthy meals for thousands of employees

Sodexo uses KRONEN processing solutions to provide food services for the Santander Group City in Madrid

A wide range of healthy meals with freshly prepared ingredients, more sustainable production, and a reduction in costs were the main objectives of the food processing concept center constructed by Sodexo, a globally successful provider of services in areas such as company food service and facility management, which is based at the huge headquarters of the Spanish financial group Santander on the outskirts of Madrid.

The new processing center in Madrid processes the fresh products on site to make healthy meals

Since the end of last year, Sodexo has been processing fresh fruit, vegetables, and other foodstuffs, preferably from local farms, in its new processing center on a daily basis. These processed ingredients are then supplied to the various company restaurants that form part of the company premises of the Santander Group and are run by Sodexo. Every day, approx. 4,500 employees use the canteen services.

The vision of producing the meals with fresh ingredients that are processed into a wide variety of healthy dishes directly on-site was realized as part of a large-scale project, which focused on completely restructuring the approach to purchasing and food processing. All of the equipment at the new center and the layout of the processing areas were developed in cooperation with KRONEN and its Spanish representation Danmix to meet Sodexo’s requirements.

With several processing lines, for example for processing potatoes and salad leaves, and further processing machines such as a DECONWA Prep decontamination and washing system, an AS 4 apple peeler, and a KUJ V cutting machine, the new processing center guarantees the efficient and hygiene processing of ingredients. The switch to purchasing fresh produce and processing it on-site enabled the companies to improve quality and reduces the amount of packaging material required. This plays a significant role in helping Sodexo and the Santander Group achieve their objective of making their canteen meals healthier and more sustainable. In the future, the companies aim to source 70 percent of the ingredients from local farms with transportation routes that are as short as possible.

Here you can find a video with a tour of the processing center