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02.05.2022 - News article

Product of the month May: Potatoes

Potatoes are cultivated in many countries worldwide and are one of the world’s most important foodstuffs. From raw produce to ready-to-eat convenience products, they are processed in a wide variety of ways and come in all shapes and sizes, especially in the areas of restaurants and hotels, fast food, and catering.

When it comes to processing potatoes, producers and retailers require solutions involving processing steps that are both reliable and efficient, namely with processes that are as automated as possible. KRONEN has been offering such comprehensive solutions in the form of processing lines and stand-alone machines for potato processing for many years and constantly develops these products. Customers all over the globe use solutions such as the PL 40KPL 25K or PL 25S potato peeling machines, the potato water bunker belt and various cutting machines (e.g. the GS 10-2 or the KUJ V) to meet their potato processing needs.

The KRONEN potato processing lines for washing, peeling and cutting/dicing potatoes stand out due to their flexibility, simple operation and minimal space requirements. The machines in the processing lines are optimally coordinated and guarantee smooth processing activities. What’s more, individual machines can also be separated from the lines and used as flexible solutions where needed. KRONEN’s processing line portfolio covers a wide spectrum of capacities ranging from a couple of hundred kilograms per hour to 1,600 kg per hour.

The comprehensive solutions facilitate cost-efficient, automated potato processing from the raw produce to the fresh-cut product. KRONEN offers an abundance of expertise and experience in the field of potato processing lines thanks to a multitude of successfully completed customer projects, in which it tailored its lines to meet the needs and requirements of the processing companies.