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Water bunker belt

The water bunker belt is ideal for pre-cleaning unpeeled potatoes and all types of tuber vegetables and for automatic transferring them to the downstream peeling machines.

1500 kg/hMax. capacity
The water bunker belt from KRONEN precleans potatoes and other types of tuber vegetables and transports them automatically via a sloped conveyor for transfer to the peeling machines

Your benefits

  • Saves time during the filling process of the downstream peeling machines
  • Gentle pre-cleaning by removing stones and soil
  • An efficient solution for the continuous operation of peeling and processing lines without interruption
  • Versatile use for several types of tuber vegetables

Product groups


Pre-cleaning and conveying potatoes for further processing

The water bunker belt is the first machine component (buffer) of further downstream processing procedures. Unpeeled potatoes as well as carrots, smaller celery tubers, smaller sweet potatoes, beetroot and various types of turnips are filled into the water bunker belt with a tank volume of 585 liters for gentle pre-cleaning. Adherent soil and stones are removed and the pre-cleaned products are converted further via a cleated belt to be transferred to downstream peeling machines. 

The potato peeling machines are filled via a changing chute, which automatically switches between the filling and peeling cycles. The user-friendly control of the water bunker belt takes place via a switch cabinet in connection with the potato peeling machines or the entire processing line. 

A useful, practical addition to the entire peeling line is a crate tipping device, which can be used to automatically fill the water bunker belt. 

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Thanks to the buffer function of the water bunker belt from KRONEN, the potato peeling machines can be filled continuously.

Continuous filling of downstream machines

The water bunker belt fulfills a buffer function: the filling volume of 150 kg is processed in 5 to 10 minutes – depending on the capacity of the downstream peeling machines.

The water bunker belt from KRONEN makes precleaning possible through the brief soaking process – adhering soil and small stones are removed.

Soaking removes impurities

The short soaking process loosens even coarse impurities such as adhering soil and small stones, which then settle at the bottom of the water bunker belt in a collection bucket designed especially for this purpose.

Optimum cleaning due to the robust surface design and a large water draining opening on the water bunker belt from KRONEN

Optimal cleaning and maintenance

The robust stainless steel construction and reliable mechanism make the water bunker belt ideal for long periods of maintenance-free use. The large water drainage opening ensures quick drainage and enables  simple, effective cleaning.


Practical swivel device for emptying crates and containers directly into the KRONEN water bunker belt
REH-900 crate tipper for unloading pallet cages

The compact swivel device is ideal for the ergonomic emptying of crates or other containers directly into the water bunker.
The swivel device is equipped with a chute that is welded to the mobile part and moves with the container during emptying. It is operated by push buttons for lifting and lowering. The swivel device is designed for a maximum load of 900 kg. Models for smaller or higher loads are available on request. 

500 kg - 1500 kg/h

The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

Electrical power Voltage controlled by the PL 40K potato peeling machine
Infeed/placement height 1335 mm
Outfeed/delivery height 2100 mm
Water Fresh water connection inch (GEKA coupling)
Water drainage 2"
Total volumes water capacity: 585 liters / product content: 150 kg potatoes
Dimensions LxWxH 3332 x 1130 x 2544 mm
Belt width 300 mm with cleats
Weight 453 kg
Miscellaneous Product size diameter max. 100 mm
The data indicated are standard information. In addition, adaptation to other supply networks (e.g. 230V/60 Hz) is optionally possible (except for manual and pneumatic machines). Subject to changes.

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