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02.05.2022 - News article

Trade show review: positive results in Berlin and Cologne

A multitude of international visitors experience innovations live and in the virtual showroom:

The international KRONEN team was delighted to welcome a multitude of visitors from around 55 different countries at two recent trade shows.

At the Anuga FoodTec, an impressive total of around 80% of visitors to the KRONEN booth came from locations outside of Germany. All in all, both events were a positive experience for KRONEN, despite the fact that they were, of course, held on a smaller scale as the first trade shows after the Covid-19 pandemic.

These were some of the KRONEN highlights in Berlin/Cologne:

  • The Convenience Avocado Line for peeling, halving and pitting up to 4,800 avocados per hour
  • Clean coring and segmenting of up to 3,360 bell peppers per hour: the semi-automatic PDS4L celebrated its premiere as a trade show highlight after being launched in 2021
  • Hygienization of whole fruits and whole vegetables – with the DECONWA Prep
  • The further developed K850 drying system for salad greens, fruit and vegetables – up to 5,000 kg per hour
  • The largest processing line for baby leaf lettuce and mixed lettuce ever created by KRONEN
  • Pre-washing on a large scale with the GEWA AF – optimal hygiene and reduced water consumption
  • An organic-certified solution (in Germany) for the hygienization of produce and process water – the KRONEN CITROCIDE® washing system
  • The Chicory Root Cutter CRC200 – efficient, safe and with perfect cutting quality