EASY 250 - Vertical form, fill and seal machine


The EASY 250 form, fill and seal machine produces bags from a plastic film from the reel - efficiently and automatically. It is suitable for packaging many foods and other products.

The EASY 250 is used to produce pillow bags. A wide range of packaging sizes can be produced: bags with a width of 250 mm and an unlimited length can be processed with a capacity of up to 20 bags per minute.

The modular construction enables every module to be exchanged within a few minutes, so options and components can be retrofitted or converted quickly and easily. This reduces downtime and maintenance costs. Due to its compact design and small footprint, the EASY 250 can be used flexibly.
The Allen Bradley PLC control with color touchscreen and 99 program locations that can be assigned ensures easy operation of the EASY 250. To this, also the pneumatic opening and closing of the servo-driven film transport reels as well as the film reel holder with swing arm for quick and easy film changes are contributing.