Vegetable processing line up to 1000 kg /h


Vegetable processing line for trimming, cutting, washing and drying vegetables up to 1000 kg per hour

consisting of following KRONEN machines:


  • Process automation and visualisation
    Process automation and visualisation
    For complex systems, there is a need to intelligently network them. This is possible with the help of KRONEN's process visualisation components.
    These process visualisation components, in conjunction with the optionally available bus system, allow immediate localisation and response of system messages such as maintenance messages or error messages. For example: In case of a product jam, the system automatically switches off upstream machines, thus preventing the waste of valuable raw products.
    In addition, the system can be flexibly controlled by an operator center via touch screen or PC and adapted to the production processes. This facilitates the adaptation of the system performance to different capacities, products or product mixtures.
  • Optimal adaption of machines
    Optimal adaption of machines
    All components of a line of KRONEN machines are adapted optimally in order to tap the full throughput potential of every machine and to maximize the total throughput of the line. Thus, bottlenecks in the production process as well as any overcharge of the machines are avoided. This leads to energy savings as well as reduction of maintenance costs. .
  • KRONEN Know-how: planning, implementation and starting-up
    KRONEN Know-how: planning, implementation and starting-up
    Our long experience and comprehensive know-how in planning, implementation and starting-up of complex and customer-specific lines for the food processing industry assure short project duration and trouble-free operation.
    It goes without saying that the project engineering team of KRONEN considers existing buildings, conditions and lines and also integrates machines of other suppliers - this in close cooperation with the customer.
  • One central contact person and compliance with international hygiene standards
    One central contact person and compliance with international hygiene standards
    For the installation of a complete KRONEN production line, there is one central contact person at KRONEN available for the customer regarding all organizational operations.
    KRONEN is familiar with international security and hygiene standards and complies with these reliably.
    Customer-specific requirements as e.g. kosher cutting and washing of salad are fulfilled on a high quality basis and a reasonable cost-performance-ratio.