GS10-2 TTS with PLC for waste minimizing

GS10-2 TTS with PLC for waste minimizing

Less waste, better control of cut sizes when cutting lettuce, fruit, vegetable

Based on the proven technique of the world wide most sold belt slicer GS 10-2 the GS 10-2 TTS belt cutting machine has been developed to be able to control the cut size and minimize the waste on product cut in combination with the horizontal out feed belt.

By measuring the product size, the GS 10-2 TTS is able to calculate the right number of cuts, eliminating or reducing waste to a minimum. This is given by a PLC and servo motors that allow the knife to make every cut exactly where we need it to be, following customer´s specification. We can achieve minimum waste on applications like melon chunks, pineapple tid bits, chicken breast slices and many others.

The GS 10-2 TTS offers as well the possibility to top and tail (cut both ends) of the product, in addition to slice it (or not) to customer's specification.

If the special TTS feature is not needed, the machine will operate as a standard GS 10-2 belt slicer.
The solid industrial machine is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 and can easily be cleaned and maintained.


  • Exceptional cutting quality
    Exceptional cutting quality
    Products are transported smoothly and held until point of cutting thus assuring a perfect cutting quality. Newly developed materials improve the operating life of the components and make replacement quick, easy and effective.
    Only seconds needed to change blades. Cutting discs can be positioned close to the cutting edge without tool. Completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 because of hygienic reasons.
  • Cleaning and maintenance
    Cleaning and maintenance
    All machine parts as knives, guides, belts, belt tensioners etc. are quickly removable without any tools for cleaning.
    The solid industrial machine is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304.
    The basic principles for all KRONEN machines are:

  • easy maintenance
  • easy and efficient cleaning
  • soft product guidance
  • low operating expenses