Cutting machine TONA-Rapid S145

Cutting machine TONA-Rapid S145

Efficient and economic cutting of fruits and vegetables like apples, tomatoes, carrots, onions, potatoes, kiwi fruits, pears, mushrooms, citrus fruits etc. in segments (quarters), slices and sticks

Cutting capacity: up to 3.600 pieces per hour.


  • Perfect cutting results - simple and fast change of tools
    Perfect cutting results - simple and fast change of tools
    After placing, centering and feeding the fruits or vegetables, pusher push the products through the built-in knives. With different cutting inserts (2 to 24 dividers with or without centering spikes and many more) appropriate cutting results are achieved.

    By simply and quickly changing the cutting inserts and pusherss in less than 5 minutes, you can switch from one type of cutting to the other.

  • Optimal product holding
    Optimal product holding
    Vegetables and fruits are placed manually in the product holders made of food-proof plastic discs. Special centering fingers fix the product in the centre of the holder. The clocked infeed facilitates feeding and allows various infeed capacities.
  • Fast and effective outfeed
    Fast and effective outfeed
    The cut pieces fall directly in a container or onto a outfeed belt (accessory). This assures a fast and effective outfeed.
  • Simple operation
    The manual keyboard allows simple operation. Simple and fast change of pusher and cutting inserts.
  • Turbo-version
    Version with up to 2.400 strokes/h is available at an extra charge.