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AS 2 apple peeling and slicing machine

A handy tabletop device for semi-automatic apple processing: proven for decades and ideally suitable for peeling, coring, wedging and slicing apples

up to 600 apples/hMax. capacity
Apple peeling and cutting machine AS 2 for peeling, coring and dividing apples

Your benefits

  • Three applications: peeling, coring and wedging in one machine
  • High capacity – furthermore, several machines can be placed next to each other
  • Wide range of cutting tools
  • Optional automatic separation of good product and waste

Product groups


Process apples easily and quickly: semi-automatically peel, core and divide them into segments

The AS 2 peeling, slicing and coring machine for apples is a very compact, easy-to-use multifunctional tabletop device used in the high-care area of fruit processing. It is loaded manually, and up to three apples can be processed at the same time, meaning that up to 600 apples, equivalent to approximately 90 kg (at 150 g/apple), can be processed per hour. If additional apple slices are to be cut, the AS 4 or the AS 6 is a good option.

Processing in four steps:

  1. The apples are placed on the three product spikes by hand.
  2. The apples are peeled if necessary.
  3. The core is removed and segments are cut in the same step if required.
  4. The separating cylinder separates the finished product from the peel. With an optional separation system, the good product and waste (core and peel) are discharged into separate hoods.

Common uses:

  • Fresh apple segments for fresh-cut snacks, peeled or unpeeled
  • Peeled apple segments for a wide variety of applications in the field of bakery and confectionery products, such as chocolate-coated apples, cake toppings and fruit salad

The machine processes whole apples with a diameter of 55 to 85 mm and a maximum height of 80 mm. As standard, the AS 2 comes with a cutting tube with a diameter of 20 mm with a scraper, a cutter head with a peeling knife, and a separating cylinder. In addition, a wide range of wedging knives and cutting tubes are optionally available. 

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Corers with different diameters can be used in the peeling & cutting machines AS 2, AS 4 and AS 6 from KRONEN for coring apples
Cutting tubes for coring

Three cutters and a scraper are available for cutting out apple cores. They can also be changed quickly and are available in the following sizes: 20 mm, 23 mm and 27 mm. A cutting tube with a diameter of 20 mm (A 2 / AS 4) or 23 mm (AS 6) with a scraper comes as standard.

The wedge stars for the peeling & cutting machines AS 2, AS 4 and AS 6 from KRONEN can be used to divide applies flexibly into 2, 4, 6, 8 10, 12, 16 or 24 pieces
Wedging knives for segmenting

The wedging tool can be added to the coring tool. This means that the apple can be left whole or cut into 2, 4, 6, 8 10, 12, 16 or 24 segments using a wedging knife. With the AS 4 and AS 6, you can produce even smaller pieces in combination with the slicing knife.

Waste is separated from the good product using the separating system for the apple peeling & cutting machines AS 2 and AS 4 from KRONEN
Separation system for good product and waste

The compact separation system collects the good product and the waste, peel and core in two separate hoods. It is made of stainless steel and is positioned below the machine. The system does not require the use of tools. 

KRONEN accessories
Knife stand for three wedging or slicing knives

A knife stand is recommended for the proper storage of cutting tools. A stand is available for three wedging knives, and another knife stand for slicing knives as an accessory for the AS 4 and AS 6.

up to 600 apples/h

The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

Electrical power Power 0.15 kW
Voltage 1~230 V N/PE
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimensions LxWxH 660 x 300 x 400 mm
Weight 32 kg
Miscellaneous Diameter of raw product 55–85 mm
Height of raw product max. 80 mm
The data indicated are standard information. In addition, adaptation to other supply networks (e.g. 230V/60 Hz) is optionally possible (except for manual and pneumatic machines). Subject to changes.

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