Disinfection, Peeling, Preparing, Cutting, Washing, Drying, Conveying

Processing line for potatoes – up to 1,200 kg/h

Semi-automatic complete system for peeling, preparing, cutting, washing and drying potatoes and other tuber vegetables, as well as for carrot processing: for more efficiency, gentle processing and high product quality - with high-quality machines that can also be used as stand-alone units.

up to 1,200 kg/hMax. capacity
KRONEN processing line for potatoes, carrots, beets, and celery up to 1,200 kg/h: semi-automatic complete line for potato processing
Water bunker belt
The water bunker belt from KRONEN precleans potatoes and other types of tuber vegetables and transports them automatically via a sloped conveyor for transfer to the peeling machines
Two PL 40K potato peeling machines
The sturdy potato peeling machine PL 40K from KRONEN is ideally suitable for cost-saving use both in industry and in smaller and medium-sized processing companies.

Robust and proven technology for the gentle and systematic peeling and washing of potatoes, carrots, beetroot, kohlrabi and other tuber vegetables


RVT 20/25 roller sorting table
The roller sorting table makes efficient visual product inspection possible for raw goods or checks on the peeling and cutting quality of whole products.

The roller sorting table can be used to sort raw products or monitor the peeling and cutting quality of processed whole products. As the products rotate, they can be visually inspected from all sides.


Water buffer conveyor
KRONEN processing line for potatoes, carrots, beets, and celery up to 1,200 kg/h: semi-automatic complete line for potato processing
GS 10-2 belt cutting machine with belt extension

Please note: The video shows the standard version of the GS 10-2.

Used in thousands of applications, successful worldwide: the multifunctional machine cuts almost all food products – including lettuce, vegetables and fruit, of course – effectively, precisely and gently.


KUJ-V cube, strip and slice cutting machine with PLUS inclined conveyor belt with cleats

Please note: The video shows the KUJ-V without the belt.

Used in thousands of applications, successful worldwide: the multifunctional machine cuts almost all food products – including lettuce, vegetables and fruit, of course – effectively, precisely and gently.


PLUS inclined conveyor belt
The PLUS conveyor belt from KRONEN is optimized with regard to cleaning and hygiene and can be individually adapted

Please note: The photo shows the standard version of the PLUS inclined conveyor belt.

The PLUS conveyor belt is optimized in terms of cleaning and hygiene. It is available with a flexible design, for example with and without cleats and in different lengths, widths, heights and inclination angles. It ensures a continuous process and a higher level of automation in production.


GEWA 3800 ECO with vibration outfeed
Cost-effective, efficient and gentle washing with the washing machine GEWA 3800 ECO from KRONEN: cut and whole products (salad, vegetables, herbs, fruit etc.) up to 1,000 kg/h.

Cost-reduced ECO model: a universal washing machine for the continuous pre-washing, washing, disinfection and treatment of both cut and whole lettuce, vegetables, herbs and fruit, among others


Two KS-100 PLUS vegetable and lettuce spin-dryers with a basket carousel

As the top model of the KRONEN vegetable and lettuce spin-dryers, the KS-100 PLUS offers an ergonomic design, a counter-rotating centrifuge cycle and 99 program memory locations for the efficient drying of lettuce, vegetables, fruit and many more food products.


Your benefits

  • Semi-automatic processing for increased efficiency in production and high capacities
  • High-quality machines that can also be used as stand-alone units: PL 40K, KUJ-V, GEWA 3800 ECO, KS-100 PLUS, among others.
  • Gentle, continuous processing and high product quality
  • Low personnel requirement – simple operation without complex overall control
  • Can be extended at any time to accommodate higher capacities and to meet individual requirements

Product groups


For peeling, trimming, cutting, washing and drying up to 1,200 kg/h of tuber vegetables

In the semi-automatic continuous processing line, the product is first transported via the water bunker belt into the two peeling machines where it is peeled and then trimmed directly afterwards on the roller sorting table. It is subsequently automatically transported to a cutting machine via the water buffer conveyor, cut and forwarded to the washing machine. In a parallel step, a second cutting machine is used for cutting, and this cut product is filled into the washing machine manually. After the washing process, the product is placed into spin baskets situated on a basket carousel. One person places the filled baskets into the two spinners one after the other. The product can then be further processed.

Excellent final results are achieved due to the exact and continuous cut with the KUJ-V, the professional preparation at the sorting table and the effective yet gentle washing and spinning. The line also has a low personnel requirement during processing due to automatic conveying.

The following machines or solutions are integrated into the line:

  1. Preparation and conveying: Water bunker belt
  2. Peeling: Two PL 40K potato peeling machines with different abrasive grain sizes,  an optional peel collector and a peeling basket reinforced with a perforated plate
  3. Preparation and conveying: RVT 20/25 roller sorting table and water buffer conveyor
  4. Cutting:
  5. Conveying: PLUS inclined conveyor belt
  6. Washing: GEWA 3800 ECO HELICAL washing machine with vibration outfeed and an optional measuring and dosing system or UVC water reactor.
  7. Drying: two KS-100 PLUS with a basket carousel

Application options and capacities:

The line processes up to 1,200 kg of product per hour. It is used for the abrasive peeling and preparation of tuber vegetables including potatoes, carrots, beets and celery. The products can then be further processed – whole or cut – for example packaged as raw, blanched, cooked or frozen products.

The raw products are processed whole. Only long products such as carrots or radishes should be previously cut into two or three parts to achieve a perfect peeling result. The diameter of the product should not exceed 150 mm.  

Pumpkins and squashes cannot be processed on this line. The line can be optionally offered with the AMS 220 peeling machine for flat pumpkins.

Please note: The videos show alternative lines or machines.

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Potato processing line (automatic)
The video shows an alternative processing line for potatoes: Up to 1,200 kg per hour
Potato peeling
The video shows an alternative processing line for potatoes


Cutting machines, washing machines and drying system from KRONEN are optimized for use in processing lines

Automatic, hygienic and flexible processing

The KRONEN cutting, washing and drying machines are also designed for frequent product or recipe changes during a production shift. The belt cutting machines guarantee quick knife replacement. The washing machines fully empty in a very short time. The drums of the large centrifuges are blown dry during emptying. The hygienic design of the KRONEN machines allows all areas to be easily accessed and makes the machines easy to clean. User-friendly operation and the safety of operating personnel are guaranteed.

KRONEN offers a high degree of consultation and planning expertise and develops customized solutions for a wide range of different applications – complete processing lines from a single source

Complete solutions from a single source

KRONEN is a reliable partner, even when it comes to implementing automated processing lines. With a high level of planning and consulting expertise, the company implements the right solution for every customer requirement. KRONEN offers complete lines from a single source and integrates suitable machines from partners as required. 

Made-to-measure solutions


The basket carousel serves as a link between the washing machines and the vegetable and salad spin-dryers
Basket carousel as an efficient link

The basket carousel is a practical link between the KRONEN washing machines and the KRONEN vegetable and lettuce spin-dryers. It ensures a continuous workflow, simplifies the change of baskets and catches possible product overflows in the stainless steel container. 

up to 1,200 kg/h
Abrasive peeling
Wet disinfection
Loading type

The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

Machine illustrations can include special accessories.