Packaging machine CP 350 PLUS


The CP series is based on the new GKS machine platform, which offers a modular and open structure, ergonomic design, minimal downtime and low maintenance costs. Modules can be exchanged in a few minutes.

The CP 350 PLUS is suitable for packaging a wide variety of food and non-food products. It works seamlessly with a variety of weighing and dosing systems, but is also suitable for manual filling. Its low height and overall small footprint make the CP 350 PLUS very versatile both in small production areas and in industrial environments.

The small, space-saving and automatic machine guarantees a clean, hygienic and efficient filling and packaging process. The result is representatively packaged products. It is characterized by high flexibility and user friendliness. It includes an extended basic configuration with a film cover and ergonomic film roll holder. This enables a capacity of up to 40 bags per minute.

With a wide range of pack sizes (75 to 350 mm bag width and unlimited bag length), this machine can be used in a wide variety of packaging situations. Pillow bags are produced in the standard configuration, but self standing bags can also be formed. The CP 350 PLUS is suitable for all flowing bulk goods (vegetables, fruit, salad, baked goods, raw vegetables, sweets) and also non-food products.

Various accessories are available for the packaging machine, such as photocell for pre-printed film, connection for gas flushing, vibration unit, perforation systems, automatic recognition of the end of the film, synchronization unit for weighing / dosing systems, etc. Options and components can be retrofitted quickly and easily.

The stainless steel machines are designed for reliability, flexibility and hygiene. Thanks to their open construction, they are extremely easy to clean. On request, the machines can be configured to customer requirements.