Cube, strip & slice cutting machine KUJ V

Cube, strip & slice cutting machine KUJ V

Precise cutting for the finest dicing, slicing and strip cutting of your most delicate products!

The KRONEN high performance cube, strip and slice cutting machine KUJ V cuts vegetables, fruit, fish slices from 2 to 12 mm, strips from 2 to 20 mm and cubes of 3 mm up to 20 mm in exact and perfect cutting quality - in a single operation. Depending on the product and cutting thickness, the capacity is between 300 to 3000 kg per hour.

High quality accessories enable neat slicing, thus improving the shelf life of the products. Even delicate products (such as onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, courgettes or slightly frozen products) can be processed.

The standard built-in frequency converter with 7 adjustable speeds guarantees a gentle cut of sensitive products such as strawberries or beetroot, etc.

In addition to larger dices of apples, melons, ham, cooked or chilled meat and a variety of vegetables, tiny cubes as small as 3 x 3 mm (Brunoise) can be cut, too.

Furthermore vegetable rice, e.g. from Broccoli and Cauliflower stems or also from carrots, can be processed with the KUJ V in a very easy and quick way. Hence, you can cut small, oblong vegetable strips using various alignments such as a format of 3 x 3 x 5 mm.

For dips, soups, sauces, salads and much more, the KUJ V can produce fine strips in 2 x 2 mm thickness.


  • Simple change of spindles
    Simple change of spindles
    One of the most appealing advantages of the KUJ V is the possibility of a fast mounting and removal of the spindles. This allows simple and fast product changes and shortens cleaning times.
    With the special tools supplied, the cutting tools can be changed easily, quickly and safely in just a few minutes.
  • Easy maintenance and hygiene
    Easy maintenance and hygiene
    Hygiene is of utmost importance for food processing machines. Central lubrication and an easy accessible housing facilitate maintenance and service operations.
    The KUJ V is completely made of stainless steel. The ergonomic KRONEN design with integrated switch box, seamless edges, 90° swivelling cutting chamber door and water connection are major advantages and standard features.
  • Low maintenance costs due to exchangeable blades
    Low maintenance costs due to exchangeable blades
    To ensure a constant perfect cut and to reduce costs all blades can be resharpened or individually replaced.
  • High flexibility for optimal integration in processing lines
    High flexibility for optimal integration in processing lines
    The KUJ V cube, strip and slice cutting machine can be integrated perfectly into a professional production line.
    By effectively combining single machines we realize complete production processes and customized processing lines with process automation by using state-of-the-art control technology.
  • Food safe components
    Food safe components
    All components that are in contact with food are made of stainless steel or FDA-compliant plastics.