GEWA XL Washing machine with belt outfeed


Optimal washing results for high capacities

The advanced GEWA XL high-performance washing machine is applicable for industry and washing large quantities of cut salad and vegetables, especially leafy products. This includes salad mixes with non-floating products, such as carrot sticks. Capacity is dependent on product. For example, up to 1500 kg baby leaf and up to 5 tons of iceberg lettuce can be processed per hour.

The product is efficiently and gently washed using an optimised helical washing system. The helical rotation process ensures that the product in the wash tank travels along a spiral route that is up to ten times the length of the wash tank. Due to an even distribution the product is dispersed and during the cleaning process thoroughly rinsed. This means the product is optimally washed whilst conserving resources.

The advanced GEWA XL is now setting new standards in hygiene. In order to clean the pipe system and without dismantling the machine an optional “Clean In Place“ system was integrated. Furthermore, the GEWA XL can be completely disassembled providing access to the entire machine. It also convinces with its compact and ergonomic design.

The GEWA XL consists of six integrated modules:

  • Effective, product-friendly infeed chute
  • XL wash tank with high-performance and gentle helical system
  • Insect removal with extended contact surface
  • Integrated sand trap
  • Discharge conveyor with freshwater spraying device as well as extraction fan and air knife system
  • Fine particle drum

The GEWA XL is designed for line integration. It can be combined with the GEWA AF prewashing machine or with the K850 drying system.