Washing machine GEWA XL with belt outfeed

Washing machine                 GEWA XL with belt outfeed

Excellent washing results for large quantities of salad

The GEWA XL washing machine is presented in an ergonomic, compact design. With its innovative and energy-efficient washing system, it is especially suitable for industrial applications for large processing capacities.

Salads, e.g. Iceberg up to 5 t / h or babyleaf up to 1.5 t / h, are washed efficiently and gently by an optimized helical wash system. This means that the rotary process has been designed for the first time for a high capacity KRONEN washing machine.


The salad products are supplied particularly gently by means of a water flume (ideal for broad-leaf products and baby leaf). An ingenious and oriented water supply directly through the easy-cleanable piping does not require any settings. Thanks to this technically innovative combination, the product is extremely gently rotated and optimum distribution is achieved over the entire wash tank volume.
Due to the very compact and space-saving construction, the water supply is greatly reduced.

Also with this machine, the KRONEN HELICAL system ensures that the product in the wash tank travels a spiral-shaped distance of about four times the wash tank length. The product is spread out by the optimal distribution so that the water can access the product 360° during the cleaning process.

The washed products are then conveyed by the water stream to the newly designed belt outfeed system. Above the belt outfeed, two individually connectable spraying devices are installed, with which the products can be additionally rinsed.

When passing over the belt outfeed, the products are already pre-dewatered, i.e. excess water is removed from the product. A suction fan is installed below the mesh wire belt; in combination with the air knife system, water carryover can be reduced by more than 50%.

The new GEWA XL with its innovative washing process offers the best conditions for obtaining microbiologically safe ready-to-eat salads.


  • Intelligent functions and energy-efficient features
    Intelligent functions and energy-efficient features
    The GEWA XL washing machine is characterized by an extraordinary performance and scores with intelligent functions and energy-efficient features:
    • Due to the rotation process and the washing time (dwell time) of approx. 45 seconds, the products are washed gently and thoroughly and an optimized germ reduction is achieved.
    • The „WMS“ Water Management System enables centrally controlled filling and emptying of the washing machine as well as fresh water supply.
    • A surface contact over the entire length of the wash tank allows a sophisticated and improved insect discharge concept.
    • The sand trap / sedimentation unit removes efficiently sand and small stones also of heavily polluted products.
    • The modular and ergonomic design of the GEWA XL makes the necessary cleaning work simple and fast. The GEWA XL is equipped with platforms. Thus all pipelines are also ideally accessible. These are all provided with diary couplings, i.e. the pipelines are easy to open or to dismantle and can be mechanically cleaned with the supplied brushes.
    • The economic tank design in combination with the innovative water circulation offers a great hygiene advantage - the reduction of biofilms.
    • The lateral fines removal system ensures continuous operation, even with foaming products containing many small parts and insects. Organic residues on the product are eliminated by optimized spraying.
      Due to these functional features, the shelf time and thus the quality of the products are increased.
    • The high-quality belt suction prevents unnessecary carryover of the water and thus reduces residual moisture.