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01.07.2022 - News article

Product of the month July: Tomatoes

Be it in sandwiches or ready-to-eat mixed salads, tomatoes are an absolute must and an extremely popular ingredient worldwide for meals ranging from fast food to everyday dishes and right through to haute cuisine. Against this background, the processing of tomatoes also plays an important role in the fresh-cut sector, in which ensuring optimal processing hygiene and excellent cutting quality, even in the case of ripe fruit, are particularly important.

When it comes to washing tomatoes before further processing and producing tomato slices or wedges, KRONEN offers a wide selection of machines.

To ensure the optimal hygiene and maximum shelf life of cut tomatoes, washing is also the first stage of the tomato processing procedure. With the DECONWA Prep or GEWA washing machines such as the GEWA 3800 B PLUS, tomatoes can be efficiently washed or hygienized using corresponding washing additives, for example CITROCIDE PLUS. In this process, the product surface is disinfected, and cross-contamination is prevented.

For the further processing of tomatoes, KRONEN offers grid cutting and cutting machines featuring top-quality knives that can cut the sensitive fruit cleanly and gently. The KRONEN grid cutting machines in the TONA range efficiently yet gently cut tomatoes into wedges and slices. The TONA S is particularly suitable for cutting tomato slices, which do not fall out of the machine when discharged. Like the HGW manual grid cutter, which is suitable for smaller capacities, and the PGW pneumatical grid cutters, the TONA machines produce tomato slices with a thickness of at least 5 mm. A wide variety of cutting inserts are available for cutting tomato wedges.

KRONEN additionally offers several different cutting machines suitable for processing tomatoes: the GS 10-2 belt cutter machine, the KUJ V cube, strip & slice cutting machine and the KSM 100 vegetable cutter can all cut tomatoes into slices or cubes of various sizes. When suitable tomato varieties are processed, the GS 10-2 can also produce particularly thin tomato slices.

The particularly sharp, thin blades used in the KRONEN cutting machines enable them to process even ripe, softer fruit to produce optically appealing products with no damage, perfect for improving end products such as ready-to-eat salads or sandwiches as a high-quality topping.