Potato water bunker belt


The water bunker belt system is perfectly suited for precleaning root products such as potatoes, celeriac, beetroot and others and ensures the continuous and automatic feed to the peeling machine.

The water bunker belt system also has a buffer function since the volume of 150 kg is completed in 5 - 10 minutes - depending on the capacity of the following peeling machines.

For example, the potato processing line KLM can be equipped according to demand with one or two peeling machines (PL 25 or PL 40 as a knife or abrasive peeling machine), so the flow rate can be varied.

Even coarse impurities such as adherent soil and small stones are removed by the short soaking, then settling at the bottom of the water bunker belt in a collection bucket specially designed for this purpose.

The special benefits of the water bunker belt system adjusts itself only in combination with the automatic flow control (optionally available). The high capacity output of 1.200 kg/h (peeled products) does only work in combination of these two components in a potato processing line.


  • Llenado contínuo de máquinas subsiguientes
    Tank des Wasserbunkerbands

    El bunker de humectación tiene una función de pulmón: el volumen de hasta 150 kg permite un trabajo de 5 a 10 minutos de proceso, según la capacidad de las máquinas peladoras colocadas a continuación.

  • Humectar previene suciedades
    Tank of the water bunker belt

    Una breve inmersión en agua facilita la eliminación de pequeñas piedras o suciedades mayores adheridas al producto, que caen al fondo y se asientan en un receptáculo especialmente dispuesto para tal fin.