Fully automated processing line with high capacity

Processing line salad and leafy vegetables

Processing of up to 1 t of baby leaf lettuce or the equivalent amount of mixed lettuce or leafy vegetables per hour

The innovative processing line boasts state-of-the-art technology and sets new standards, above all with regard to hygiene. The system is designed for large-scale industrial processing and is used to process up to 1,000 kg of baby leaf lettuce or the equivalent amount of mixed lettuce or leafy vegetables per hour.

Extremely hygienic, innovative, and SMART processing

The highlights of this processing line include

The processing line also features integrated machines from KRONEN partners:

  • The recipe weighing belts from Synergy Systems enable dynamic weighing of the recipe components added along the processing line. They communicate with the weighing belt before the pre-washing machine, thus guaranteeing a controlled and uniform product flow for optimum end-product quality. The system additionally enables better planning of raw material use in relation to the desired output of the line.
  • When it comes to optimally removing foreign materials, the line also contains a knocking belt by HiTec for mechanical selection and an optical sorter from the company Optimum.


  • Continuous and gentle processing of high capacities
    The production line handles lettuce and leafy vegetables in a continuous process and therefore requires only a small number of staff. The communication between the machines and the visual displays for the machine operators help to facilitate a reliable, constant and uninterrupted production flow. This, in turn, ensures high processing capacities and maximum efficiency and quality in production.
  • Complete solutions from one single source
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    KRONEN is a reliable partner for a wide range of requirements, including the implementation of automated processing lines. It uses its abundance of planning and consulting expertise to find what is sure to be the ideal solution for every customer requirement. KRONEN offers complete lines from one single source and can also integrate suitable machines from its partners where needed.