Do it the easy way - Coring salad, cabbage, bell pepper with the Multicorer!

The MULTICORER (4 lanes) cores salads and cabbage in a fast and neatly way and divides products into 2 or 4 segments, if required. The MULTICORER is also available as a 2-lanes machine.

Highest throughput and minimal waste. Compared with conventional processes, the Multicorer allows an increase of productivity of up to 300 % and reduces the waste rate considerably at the same time.

The product will be placed manually on the insert plates and automatically transported for segmenting, coring and sorting.
Optionally, infeed and outfeed belts as well as waste belts are available.

The product will be cut into 2 or 4 segments and the core will be removed in a conical shape (standard diameter 45 or 55 mm) for optimizing the waste rate. The Multicorer can also core only - without dividing with a specific coring-only-tool (multi leaf salads, frisee, endive, etc.)

The machine can easily be adjusted according to the specific application and product requirements in regards of product and core sizes. Decoring height can be adjusted according to product height in order to optimize the cycle times for the product to be processed, e.g. iceberg lettuce, endive, Salanova©, lollo, cabbage, radicchio etc.
Fast locking devices enable quick and simple change of cutting cassettes without additional tools. Optional trolleys assure not only a simple change of tools but also safe and hygienic storage of the cutting cassettes.

The solid industrial machine is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 and can easily be cleaned and maintained due to hinged doors and removable covers.


  • Producción máxima con desperdicios mínimos
    En comparación con procesos tradicionales el Multicorer ofrece aumentos de la productividad de hasta 300% con desperdicios considerablemente reducidos. De este manera, el personal disponible puede trabajar para otras operaciones no-automatizables.
  • Cambio de accesorios sin herramientas adicionales
    Los sistemas de fijación rápida permiten el cambio rápido y fácil de las unidades de corte sin herramientas adicionales.
  • Alturas de acción descorazonadoras variables para ciclos optimizados
    La altura descorazonadora se puede adaptar a la altura del producto para optimizar el ciclo del producto respectivo: lechuga iceberg, coliflor, brócoli, col de China, col de Milán, chicoria etc.
  • Cubiertas plegables permiten una limpieza fácil
    Todas las cubiertas son plegables o desmontables, de este manera la limpieza de la estampadora es muy fácil.
  • Operación simple
    The user friendly touch panel and the clearly arranged push buttons on the machine switchboard are fast and simple to use.
  • Componentes en conformidad para alimentos
    Componentes en conformidad para alimentos
    Todos los componentes de las máquinas que estan en contacto con los alimentos, se fabrican en acero inoxidable o plásticos en conformidad con la FDA.